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1. Participant Eligibility

The M2A is suitable for graduates with an Engineering or Physical Sciences degree with a minimum level of 2:1, or with a relevant Master's level qualification (the latter is only applicable to EngD applicants).
Funders' regulations mean that to be eligible for a full award (stipend and fees) you must meet certain criteria.

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2. Project Details

Please list your preferred two project titles. We appreciate you may be interested in other projects; however, please limit your choice to two projects at this stage. You will be considered for additional projects as part of the interview process.

3. Your Details

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4. Technical Experience

As well as academic qualifications and practical experience, we look for evidence of your interest in the programme and an understanding of the rigorous demands of postgraduate study.

What is your motivation for studying for an EngD/ MSc?
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Briefly describe your interest in the projects you have applied for
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Describe any technical background/ suitability that would be of benefit for the project
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5. Education and Career

You should indicate here details of all POST-SECONDARY education, academic and professional qualifications achieved/predicted (please put official title if awarded) with the most recent first.

University / Institution attended (with dates) Degree / Qualification title Main Subject Degree Pending (predicted classification) Degree Awarded (classification/grade) Date of Award
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