Due to the ongoing uncertainty with regards to Covid-19 we are following Swansea University policy and the M2A team are currently working from home. The M2A remains open and can be contacted via the usual phone number, email and social media channels. If you have applied for one of our projects the interview schedule may be affected. We will contact applicants in due course with further information.

Enhancing Materials and Manufacturing Research Capability

The M2A has recently spent over £1 million pounds purchasing several pieces of advanced equipment to further our research capability in the area of advanced materials and manufacturing.  The following items have been procured:

Renishaw RenAM 500M ALM.  The AM500 is the latest machine to be produced by Renishaw and we received the first machine off the production line. Additive manufacturing is one of the most promising new techniques enabling the production of complex shapes and efficiencies beyond those of classic manufacturing.  The technique is already seeing use in medical and aerospace applications with demand expected to grow over the coming years. The ALM will be used to assess the properties of components produced via the technique and to validate computer models that will predict gas flows, sintering and influence of parameters on component density.

Engel e-victory Injection Moulder. Injection moulding is widely used in manufacturing with applications across many sectors from automotive and aerospace through to domestic goods and packaging. One of the advances of the machine is the incorporation of MuCell technology that injects gas into the polymer melt to create a porous structure. The porous structure offers two benefits; light weight components and reduced polymer usage. Initial research will focus on the gas distribution within the polymer and the impact on dimensional accuracy. 


Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter.  As material developments advance focus is moving more and more towards the nano-scale whether it be nano-phases, precipitates or coatings.  The TriboIndenter can carry out mechanical testing or nanoscratch testing covering a broad range of applications.  Research will initially focus on adhesion of coatings and nano-phase mechanical properties.


The equipment will enable the M2A to carry out research at the forefront of the field further establishing its place as a world leader in research and supporting industry in the transition to the latest manufacturing techniques.




12 September 2017